Resuming a task after the maintenance

Resume your task to reactivate the schedule executions after the maintenance.

Before you begin

  • Generate an access token:
    • For users, generate a personal access token. For further information, see Generating a Personal Access Token.
    • For service accounts, generate a service account token. For further information about how to generate a service account token, see Generating a service account token. Once generated, a service account token expires after 30 minutes. If it expires, generate a new token using the POST method at the endpoint https://api.{env}


  1. Issue the following request to resume a given task.

    method: PUT
    endpoint: https://api.<env><taskId>/pause
    headers: {
          "Content-Type": "application/json",
          "Authorization": "Bearer <your_personal_access_token_or_service_account_token>"
    payload: {
          "pause" : false,
          "pauseContext" : "Resume scheduled executions after the maintenance"
    • Set false to in the pause field to pause the task.
    • In the pauseContext field, enter the message to explain the reason for which you resume the task.


The 202 code is returned and this resume takes effect immediately. Therefore, send the request only when the maintenance is over.

Once done, all its schedules are activated and manual start becomes accepted again.