Getting component metrics of task runs for performance monitoring

Use Talend API service to get the observability metrics of your Data Integration tasks, running on a Cloud Engine or a Remote Engine v2.12.0 onwards.

Raw observability data is returned in the responses, including details about running durations, components used in Jobs, engine information and operators that start tasks, for example, an administrator.

This observability metrics shows the characteristics of your task runs. With these characteristics, you can

The retention period of your metrics data is 31 days.

The following sections explain the related endpoints and some use cases for demonstration purposes.


  • Generate an access token:
    • For users, generate a personal access token. For further information, see Generating a Personal Access Token.
    • For service accounts, generate a service account token. For further information about how to generate a service account token, see Generating a service account token. Once generated, a service account token expires after 30 minutes. If it expires, generate a new token using the POST method at the endpoint https://api.{env}