Use cases

The following sections contain examples of how to use Talend APIs to perform specific actions.

Synchronizing user identities across systems

Set up SCIM provisioning to easily manage and synchronize user identities across your identity provider, Azure AD in this example, and Talend Cloud.

Using API to pause or resume task runs

Use a specific API endpoint to easily pause or resume data integration task runs to suit the management needs of your system, for example, to fit a system maintenance window.


A crawler allows you to retrieve a full list of assets contained in a connection, in a single operation.

Scheduling a crawler run

This is an end-to-end scenario describing the different operations to schedule a crawler run from a Windows environment.


A dataset is a collection of data.

Identities Management

Automate the processes to create users, assign users to groups, assign roles to users and retrieve user profiles.

IP allowlist

Set up IP allowlist policy to restrict user access.

Monitoring tasks

Each task run generates detailed logs and component metrics to help you monitor and analyze your tasks as often as you need.

Service accounts

A service account represents a non-human user entity that uses access tokens to authenticate to Talend Cloud and call a Talend service.

Using API to schedule task or plan runs

Use schedule dedicated API endpoints to easily arrange how and when a task or plan can be executed with multiple triggers.

Using a schedule to organize your task runs

Create a schedule, add triggers, simulate the upcoming events based on this schedule, associate the schedule with a task and if needs be, reuse this schedule for more tasks.