Adding descriptions to several columns

Create or update descriptions for several dataset columns in one operation.

Before you begin

About this task

This operation allows you to create or update several descriptions on several fields of a dataset in a single API call. For a hierarchical dataset, the field is represented by a path, otherwise the path is the field name.

method: POST
endpoint: https://api.<env>{datasetId}/columns
headers: {
 "Content-Type": "application/json",
 "Authorization": "Bearer <your_personal_access_token>"
payload: [{
    "path": "<path>",
    "description": "<description>"


  1. Select POST from the Method list and in the field aside, enter the endpoint to be used: https://api.<env>{datasetId}/columns.

  2. Replace the placeholder with the correct values:

    Parameter Value
    datasetId Dataset for which you want to update a description. You can find the dataset ID with a GET request on https://api.<env> It is also available in Talend Cloud applications that use datasets, in the URL of the dataset’s overview page, after /dataset/.

    Update descriptions for a dataset

  3. Click Add header twice to add two rows and enter the following key:value pairs:

    • Content-Type : application/json
    • Authorization : Bearer <your_personal_access_token>
  4. In the BODY area, enter description to be updated. For example:

        "path": "Makes.make_id",
        "description": "identifier of the object"
        "path": "Makes.make_display",
        "description": "label to display"
  5. Send the request.


The description are updated and the status code 204 is returned.