Reading descriptions of a dataset

Get a list of all fields with a description in a specific dataset.

Before you begin

About this task

This operation allows you to retrieve all the descriptions of a dataset, for all columns of the dataset.

method: GET
endpoint: https://api.<env>{datasetId}/columns
headers: {
 "Authorization": "Bearer <your_personal_access_token>"


  1. Select GET from the Method list and in the field next to it, enter the endpoint to be used: https://api.<env>{datasetId}/columns.

  2. Replace the placeholder with the correct values:

    Parameter Value
    datasetId Dataset for which you want to list all descriptions. You can find the dataset ID with a GET request on https://api.<env> It is also available in Talend Cloud applications that use datasets, in the URL of the dataset’s overview page, after /dataset/.

    Read descriptions for a dataset

  3. Click Add header to add a row and enter the following key:value pair:

    • Authorization : Bearer <your_personal_access_token>
  4. Send the request.


The descriptions are returned in the response body and the status code 200 is returned. For example:

    "path": "Makes.make_id",
    "description": "identifier of the object"
    "path": "Makes.make_display",
    "description": "label to display"