Getting started

Using this portal

This portal contains different types of documentation:

API reference documentation

The reference documentation for Talend APIs is located in the APIs tab. In the left panel of each API, you can find:

In each operation in the API, you can find:

Use cases

The Use cases tab contains examples of the APIs in use. Each page gives a step-by-step tutorial to perform a specific action using one of the endpoints available. In the left panel of each page, you can find a link to the reference documentation for the operation used.

Authenticating to Talend APIs

To use Talend APIs, you need to use the Authorization header for authentication. You can access the APIs using:

Trying APIs in API Tester

The Try in API Tester button in the left panel of the API reference documentation pages opens the Talend API Tester extension and creates a new test project containing:

When you click the button for a specific operation in the right panel, it only created a draft request with its query parameters and headers.

For more information about using API Tester, see the Talend Cloud API Tester User Guide.